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Settings Conversion Calculator

The Settings Conversion Calculator will convert existing trip unit settings to AC-PRO-II or AC-PRO trip unit settings.

Disclaimer: The Settings Conversion Calculator is intended to be used as a starting point to match existing settings. Converted settings may not exactly match existing. Final settings should be determined by a Protection Engineer or other Qualified Person. Settings affect Safety, Equipment (assets), Processes, etc. The process of determining settings requires additional information such as application-specific studies. These studies can include Short Circuit, Protection/Coordination, Arc Flash, etc. Simply converting existing settings may not be adequate or appropriate. URC is not responsible for determining adequacy, appropriateness or results of improper settings.

By logging in, you are acknowledging that settings are to be used as a starting point and final settings should be determined by a protection engineer or other qualified person. If your existing trip unit is not included in the tool, contact URC and we’ll put it in the queue.

For a complete listing of compatible trip units please visit our Setting Conversion Calculator Information Page

How To Access:

When prompted enter the following exactly as show below:

Account: customer@urcext.com
Password: URCsettings.1

    Spreadsheet Instructions:
  1. Carefully select drop down data for ALL Yellow boxes.

  2. Work from top to bottom, left to right.

  3. If “N/A” or “#VALUE!” appear in the Green boxes, please check ALL drop down values.

  4. The Calculator has two different CT Choices
    • A. Reuse CTs - Some OEM CTs may be reused depending on manufaturer type, secondary ratio*, etc.
    • B. Replace CTs - Install new replacement CTs from URC
  5. New settings are shown in Green boxes. These settings can be documented by printing, screenshot, or copying values to a spreadsheet.
*Contact URC to confirm settings if you are unsure.


Final settings should be determined by a protection engineer or other qualified person.